Lot's Wife

Lot’s wife,
    she knew. 
But how little
    we learn about her.
Some say
    she was named Edith, but later
she may have
    taken a different name, a
different language,    
    in another country. Was she
sad, as they claimed,
    and disobedient to turn and look? 
Was she punished, as they claimed,
    and became a pillar of salt?

Some say she 
and the others
    had seen it coming, 
    long before the two angels 
    with their warning of 

God would try and fail 


    The old methods, napalm,
    mass slaughter,
would lead where 
they usually led: guerrilla war,
resistance that lasts for
centuries; underground
    where pleasure makes its own
    rules, identities are hidden and
    the labyrinth of tunnels grows
    ever longer and

I leave it for you to decide. The supposed winners 
    write these tales.

Some say
    she was part of the underground
    and her disguise worked and she
vanished into history leaving 
    behind only a story still taken as a warning
and a truth.